Thursday, September 2, 2010

First day of Fall semester! (9/1)

So I just had my first day of school. It was pretty cool. Except a lot of people I can tell aren't very smart. We literally spent 30 minutes in class arguing about the grammar of the sentence the teacher wrote. The kid arguing with the teacher couldn't grasp the concept of a different sentence structure meant for arguments. The teacher didn't get that the kid was talking about the sentence structure, she thought he was arguing about the logic of the statement. (This is logic class I'm talking about btw) Man other than that, good day. I played a ton of video games up 'till class started.

Ohh man! I was almost late to class because the bus was early! >< I ended up riding a Bike to class, took me ~10 mins I was going realllll fast like! Its ok I need the exercise ><


  1. There's always that one guy who just won't shut up :D

  2. My first day is coming up, I'm excited but nervous at the same time

  3. I wished it were Boxing class haha.